Otdr Anritsu MT9083A2 Harga Pabrik Termurah

8 Agustus 2016

Anritsu MT9083A
Access Master OTDR
Optical fibers are a key technology in today s modern communications systems, including access networks such as FTTx, CATV, and optical LANs. Moreover, optical-fiber technologies are playing increasingly important roles in mobile communications and digital broadcasting systems. Technicians maintaining these diverse systems are forced to carry a large variety of test equipment on-site, including OTDRs, Light Sources, Optical Power Meters, Visible Light Sources, etc., as well as a notebook computer for evaluating the FTTx QoS. On the other hand, fiber construction requires measuring instruments with different functions and performance. As an example, FTTx access networks use single mode (SM) fiber whereas optical LANs use multimode (MM) fiber. In addition, core and backbone networks utilize long fibers while optical access networks use short fibers, both requiring different types of measuring instruments with different performance. But now Anritsu s new line of MT9083A ACCESS Master OTDRs solves all these problems by providing all the measurement functions and performance required for optical fiber construction and maintenance in a compact, lightweight, all-in-one unit that eliminates the burden of carrying many different test sets and instruments on-site. Whatever your work, construction or maintenance, long haul or intra-building, Anritsu has an MT9083A model for your needs.

Key Features
• Ready to test in less than 15 seconds…and all day without recharging
• Specialized testing modes simplify operation
• High resolution and high dynamic range ensure thorough and complete fiber evaluation
• Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends
• Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
• IP testing option verifies throughput, frame loss and point-to-point connectivity
• Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit - single mode, multimode or both
• Unique in-service testing without the need for external filters

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-  Bebas biaya antar untuk wilayah Tangerang, Jakarta, dan Depok
-  Menerima Pengiriman Luar Kota maupun Luar jawa
-  Barang yang kami jual NEW 100% dan bergaransi resmi.
-  Dapatkan harga special untuk pembelian lebih dari 2 Unit.

Kami pun menerima REPAIR semua macam merk SPLICER, OTDR, Site Master dan alat TELKOM lainnya.
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